Announcing Camstruction


” Camstruction is the world’s first web and mobile application designed to streamline the entire documentation process for your projects. From taking important photos of your project to providing them as documentation when necessary, Camstruction gives you the ability to do so much more to manage your projects efficiently. “

Camstruction is made up of both a Website and an iOS Application. The prime target of Camstruction is construction / work site Inspectors. Using Camstruction an Inspector can document a work site with photos taken from their iPhone. All photos can be geotagged, date stamped and organized into a project. Photos can then be shared via a built-in sharing feature on the Website that generates a shared link that can be emailed to others. The App and Website are both kept in sync automatically as changes are made. Don’t have an iPhone, don’t worry all features are available via the Website and or mobile website as well!

Camstruction was created for a client by the name of Appvantage, Inc.
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There’s more then one way to fill a storage unit

The Task

Create a storage calculator that allows visitors to select a specific storage unit from a list of unit sizes (e.g. 5×5, 5×10, etc.). Upon clicking on a option the page will show a cross section of the selected unit and animate it being filled with boxes, lamps, bookshelves and so on to give the visitor an ideal of what can fit in the unit. This was the task I received for a redesign that I was working on. At first I had no clue what I was going to do and thought I’d have to resort to Flash or something similar but then I stumbled upon the answer while doing some Googling.
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