Xcode Debugging – Failed to get the task for process

Recently after our yearly provisioning profile updates we do for a client I wanted to run a quick debug version on a iDevice to make sure everything was still functioning. I connected the device and pushed the App to the device via Xcode. The device started up the App but Xcode returned:

Failed to get the task for process

The App continued to run on the device I just couldn’t hit any breakpoints as I used the App on the device. A quick search turned up something interesting, it seems in my haste I had assigned my newly renewed Ad-Hoc profile to my debug build settings. After changing the debug profile to use my Development certificate everything was working fine again.

Source: Stack Overflow

iOS9 – The resource could not be loaded because the App Transport Security policy requires the use of a secure connection

A new version of iOS always brings new changes. This one was encountered while doing our yearly Ad-Hoc Distribution Profile renewal. An App that hasn’t been changed in a while suddenly no longer wants to make web requests. Nothing is seen on the iDevice except for a blank table. Debugging in XCode we get the following error message:

The resource could not be loaded because the App Transport Security policy requires the use of a secure connection

The permenant fix is to add an SSL certificate to your HTTP endpoint and make sure all requests are HTTPS but this being a client environment I couldn’t wait for them to do so and just needed to implement the work-around as follows:

  1. Open your projects [ProjectName]-info.plist file
  2. Add a new key called NSAppTransportSecurity as a Dictionary
  3. Add a sub-key called NSAllowsArbitraryLoads as Boolean and set its value to YES (see image below)


Now just build and you are set!

Note: this is a blanket exemption but you can also further configure as mentioned here (How do I load an HTTP URL with App Transport Security enabled in iOS 9?)

Announcing Camstruction


” Camstruction is the world’s first web and mobile application designed to streamline the entire documentation process for your projects. From taking important photos of your project to providing them as documentation when necessary, Camstruction gives you the ability to do so much more to manage your projects efficiently. “

Camstruction is made up of both a Website and an iOS Application. The prime target of Camstruction is construction / work site Inspectors. Using Camstruction an Inspector can document a work site with photos taken from their iPhone. All photos can be geotagged, date stamped and organized into a project. Photos can then be shared via a built-in sharing feature on the Website that generates a shared link that can be emailed to others. The App and Website are both kept in sync automatically as changes are made. Don’t have an iPhone, don’t worry all features are available via the Website and or mobile website as well!

Camstruction was created for a client by the name of Appvantage, Inc.
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