Setup an existing Visual Studio project in TS (Team Services)

Chances are if you tried to add an existing project to TS from within Visual Studio by right-clicking the solution and choosing Add to Source Control you received the following error message:

Error Cannot map server path because it is not rooted beneath a team project

While the message may not be clear the fix is pretty straight forward.

  1. Make sure you’ve created the new Team Project in TS
  2. Make sure you’ve mapped the Team Project to a local folder from Source Control Explorer in VS
  3. Move your existing solution files to the folder you’ve mapped locally in the previous step
  4. Try again

You should be all set and you’re pending changes are ready to check in.

If you’re interested in moving an existing solution from SVN to TS and keeping the complete check-in history be sure to check out, SVN to TFVC with History.

NOTE: If your project was previously mapped to something else like SVN, make sure you’ve disconnect the solution from that source control (under the File menu) and have switched your Source Control plugin to Visual Studio Team Foundation Server (Tools > Options > Source Control > Plug-in Selection) before starting step 1 above.

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